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Content Management

Content is king when it comes to search engines.

Search engines use the content on your website to evaluate what your site is about, how users will react to it and how high it is going to rank organically. This is why content is so vital on a web page and why we need to make sure that there is enough “meat”, in the form of quality content, for search engines to feast on.

Lately search engines have begun to place even more emphasis on the importance of unique content, content that is not repeated anywhere else on the web. Unique quality content, coupled with keyword rich content, will boost your organic rankings across all the search engines.

It is important to use keyword rich content as this will determine who inds your website and what information they take away after they have landed there. We are experts at seamlessly incorporating keyword rich content into websites, providing relevant traffic streams. This content is valuable because it tells the search engine exactly what your website is all about and engages the user that lands on your website and provides them with the information they are looking for. .

When setting up content management we:

• Analyse your current content and the keyword density contained within.

• Add a blog to your website that will be used to add unique quality content on a monthly basis.

On a monthly basis we will:

• Identify all duplicate content on your website and write new fresh content to replace it.

• Make changes to the content on the websites home page highlighting keywords that are regularly searched and relevant to your industry.

• Add keyword rich content to ensure that a healthy keyword density is always achieved and maintained.

• Post a monthly article on the blog to increase the amount of relevant unique content on the website.

• Your dedicated Content Editor will work closely with you, suggesting changes to current content and suggesting new content to be added. Your reports will also include advice on your keyword density and quality of your content.

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