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Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media has become a networking powerhouse in the last couple of years. With it you can increase the flow of traffic coming into your website and create an ever-increasing web of contacts and engaged audiences expanding your business’ reach. This is a multi-channel, always on presence and is integrated into the community and lives of consumers, as well as business partners.

We create and maintain your online social media presence using our expertise and experience in the online marketing world. Not only will this have a direct impact on your traffic and online presence but social media has become a major factor on how your website is ranked by Search engines.

We create an appealing and professional presence that is used to both expand and retain your brand awareness. We do this by posting relevant content (articles, tweets etc) for you on a weekly or monthly basis (depending on your needs). We will do what we can to try and get your name trending.

So why is social media important to your business goals?

• Word of Mouth

• Social Media Increases Website Traffic

• Social Media Helps You Create a Personality for Your Business

• Social Media makes it Easier to Generate Buzz

• Social Media Brings in Customers with Geolocation

• Social Media Helps You Connect With Other Businesses

Our social media setup involves:

• We create you a uniquely tailored grouping of social media accounts, creating a professional cover photo and profile photo to match your needs and marketing objectives.

• We write and post initial content on your platforms to begin the initial buzz about your business and its social footprint.

On a monthly basis we will:

• Upload new posts of unique, relevant content to engage your target audience.

• We constantly strive to boost and encourage “Likes” and followers on you social media platforms.

• We will construct campaigns and competitions around your social media platforms in order to generate interactive interest and increase buzz.

• Your social media marketer will provide you with monthly reports including monitoring your social reputation and upcoming strategies to improve your rankings.

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