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Website Build/Rebuild | Website Correction

Our online world is forever expanding and growing at an exponential pace. Your business needs to be online to avoid being left behind by your competitors. Having your new website designed and constructed is always an exciting process. You get to represent your business in a virtual space, leaving the impression you want to leave with your potential clients. It’s a wonderful online world we are living in!

Our entire team of developers and designers are experts in building new websites and employ the newest coding techniques that are search engine friendly. A new website is the perfect way to portray your business in your own unique way and we at Cyber Ads are experienced at providing unique websites for any business; from large corporations to local hidden gems.

As with all technology, things change very quickly online and your website’s build, design, graphics and presentation need to keep up with these changes, or be left behind. Our unique website correction package keeps your website up to date and ahead of the times. We correct all your old code that is no longer up to standard while ensuring that your website reaches and exceeds the set industry standards.

When we rebuild and correct a website we take into account the best practices as set out by the search engines to improve the quality score of your website and its organic rankings. We monitor all algorithm changes and ensure that the necessary improvements are made to the website to avoid a loss in ranking. Sometimes, depending on the extent of the changes that need to be done, a complete redesign will be recommended by your dedicated developer.

Our initial evaluation includes:

• A full assessment of your website including a competitor analysis and an evaluation of the current wireframe structure of your website

• A full analysis of your current keyword focus will be undertaken and evaluated.

In the rebuilding process we will:

• Focus on specific relevant keywords building healthy keyword rich content.

• We improve old content by making needed changes and adding new content where needed. The new content can either be supplied by you or written by our experienced content editor.

• We will make changes to the images and graphics of the website with images supplied by you or images sourced by us. Our graphics design department will take their experienced eye to your design.

• By restructuring the back coding of your website we will ensure that it adheres to search engines best practices and remains up to date with the newest technologies and algorithm changes. We also employ rigorous testing to ensure all elements of your website are functional and working perfectly for you

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