Valentine’s Day 2018

With Valentine’s Day is only a month away and for any businesses that are trying to use the holiday effectively,
it is full for valentine’s day preparations under way.
And with Cyber Ads that is no different.

With our whole team preparing any and all marketing efforts that might need to take place.
With more than $19.7 billion that is roughly R234,8 Billion in retail spending for 2016,
Valentine’s Day is no joke for offline and online retailers alike who use the holiday as a jumping off point for big profits in the New Year.

Part of making sure Valentine’s Day generates sales is making sure that marketing efforts are set up efficiently ahead of time.

With 25% of Valentine’s Day celebrants buying products or services online,
businesses need to focus on everything from PPC campaigns to email campaigns,
PR initiatives to on-site optimization, in order to get the most out of Valentine’s Day marketing efforts.
The time to start preparing is now in order to get everything strategically planned out and organized
this gives your brand and customers enough time to roll out initiatives and make decisions on whether or not a product or service is a worthwhile purchase during the holiday.
An essential part of understanding what will work and what won’t this Valentine’s Day season starts with understanding key buyer behaviour.
While every business is different,
we’ve compiled some interesting facts about Valentine’s Day spending and buyer behaviour that businesses can use to properly plan marketing strategies
that will get as much love from their customers as possible during this heartfelt day.

Valentine’s Day Statistics

• 180 Million, Valentine’s Day cards exchanged annually.
• 224,000,000 Roses are produced for Valentine’s Day.
• 85 % of Valentine’s Day cards bought by women.
• On average men spend 2.3 times as much as women do on Valentine’s Day.
• 73 % of all flowers are purchased by men.
• 14% of women send themselves flowers on Valentine’s Day.
• The average consumer spends R1500.00 on Valentine’s Day.
• 61.8 % of consumers who celebrate Valentine’s Day.
• 53 % of women who would end their relationship if they didn’t get something for Valentine’s day.
• On Average 11,000 children are conceived on Valentine’s day
• 29% of people who will type a romantic text message.
• 26.3 Million Kg’s of chocolate will be purchased during the week of Valentine’s Day.
• 36 Million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate purchased for Valentine’s Day.

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