Strategies to adopt for digital advertising

Use the new editorial formats on Google Ads

Let's start with the basics, if you haven't written your ads in the new Google Ads format, it's high time you did! The platform has for some time offered the possibility of writing three titles instead of two and two descriptions instead of one. This change will allow your ads to be better referenced on Google and thus obtain better results. It's fast and profitable.

Video advertising on Facebook

It is known, videos on Facebook are gaining more and more popularity! They are attractive and convey emotion, which adds an option to your web marketing.

Several types of videos can be made for an advertisement. First, you could film yourself explaining the characteristics of your services and / or products. If you're the introverted type, don't worry, there are other ways to go! You won't have to stand in front of the camera! There is the possibility of using "stock" videos to create semblance of GIFs.

Try a new creative avenue for your ads

Be creative, be original, be crazy! Nothing better than to stand out to attract the attention of customers. In 2021, simply advertising facts is no longer enough. Why? Because it just doesn't have the same impact anymore. The same happened with the TV commercials several years ago: at the very beginning, a fast-food restaurant could just mention that their burger was the best and the sales would skyrocket! On the other hand, with the arrival of increasingly fierce competition, companies have understood the need to have a concept that sets them apart when doing business with professionals. On the web, the same phenomenon occurs. Initially, it was possible to only present the advantages of one's service / product and that was sufficient, but those times are over.