Digital advertising:

What is digital advertising?

It can be defined simply as: Advertising carried out on the Internet and its various terminals (computer, mobile phone and tablet).

The search:

The search, SEA (search engine advertising) or paid search is advertising on search engines. SEA consists of the purchase of keywords in search engines, following an auction system. All the tool dedicated to this type of campaign is to find the best balance between keywords and the traffic generated.

The ads social:

The rise of social ads has been bolstered over the past two years by the boom in social commerce - brands allowing their followers to buy their products directly from their social pages - and marketing influence. Influence is a separate entity: if it can be assimilated to an advertising or commercial approach, it goes far beyond the simple notion of media buying. Social advertising appears more like a tool to trigger or strengthen the organic, except in certain networks where the organic reach has become limited, such as Facebook, where social ads are essential to capture new audiences.


Retargeting or advertising retargeting consists of displaying a message (banner, video, social post, e-mail, etc.) to an Internet user when considered to be at an advanced stage of the conversion funnel, retargeting allows the brand or e-merchant to display an incentive and tailor-made message directly related to the product viewed to anyone who has expressed an intention to purchase.


In contrast to retargeting, we find pretargeting or “predictive targeting”. This technique has a major advantage: the promise of allowing brands to arrive before their competitors. Brands can then reach the individuals most willing to welcome their offers, by broadcasting targeted campaigns on the open web on ad exchanges