Website Maintenance | On Page SEO

Your website promotes your business.

It is your silent salesman.

But what is promoting your website?

On-page Search Engine Optimisation (SEO for short) promotes your website by growing your organic rankings and improving your visibility online.

It is one of the most important factors in providing your website with a solid foundation to grow other online marketing initiatives.

The on-page SEO is vital because it builds your foundation and it is important that it is done correctly.
Without this, your website may never be found.

We ensure that all aspects of your on-page SEO are complete and that your website is indexed by all the search engines.

Website maintenance is undertaken to ensure that your website is keeping up to industry standards and that all elements of the page are fully functional and in perfect working condition.
Over time, and as technology continues its rapid advance, all unmaintained websites will inevitably become obsolete.
With our website maintenance we make sure that your website keeps up with the newest developments preventing this decay.

With every search engine algorithm change we evaluate your website and make the necessary changes in order to keep it search engine friendly and compliant.

Our initial setup includes:

• We analyse your current keyword density in the content present on your website and undertake research on keywords relating to your industry.

• We complete a comprehensive evaluation of your organic rankings and analyse the inbound links coming into your website. It is imperative that these links are relevant to your website so it does not bring down your websites rankings.

• The design and graphics of your website are evaluated and areas that need attention are highlighted.

• We install tracking codes to monitor user patterns and conversion rates.

On a monthly basis we will:

• Create a full backup of your website to ensure that should anything happen to the site a complete up to date copy is ready to be uploaded.

• We will find and make changes to all duplicate content on your website ensuring that your website is populated by only unique content. We will do this by utilising one of our experienced content writers to create new content specifically for your website.

• If you have Product changes or additions send them through to us! We ensure that your website reflects these changes and that visitors to your website will know about your newest products at all times.

• While optimising the website we will continuously check and repair any errors and broken links.

• We will also write and publish press releases, news or upcoming events on your website for you. Just forward your specialist the details and we will make sure the world is exposed to it.

• All this is made possible by your dedicated specialist reporting to you, always aiming to get the most out of your website for you.