Website Hosting

Here at Cyber Ads we offer incredible Website hosting at fantastic prices.

- Fast Website Hosting
- Secure Hosting
- Friendly & Reliable Hosting Support

Website Hosting from as little as R120 per month.

Everything you need to host and manage your website, on South Africa’s fastest hosting platform.

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We provide secure hosting for your website and provide database support and application development platforms for more complex websites.

Email Hosting

At Cyber Ads along with our web and domain hosting service we also offer Email hosting.

You can get your personal domain email address at R8 per month.
This includes hosting and storage for you new email address.

With tailor made hosting packages, to suit your needs.

With Cyber Ads your business can truly grow.

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In order for someone to find your website online it needs to be hosted on a server.

At Cyber Ads we have dedicated servers just for website hosting.

This gives your website its own space to grow and increase your online presence.

What is Website and Domain hosting?

Your web hosting service is the services where all of the files associated with your website, like your web pages, images, and emails
are kept on a secure safe server where search engines can access them easily.

Cyber Ads is the industry’s leading domain hosting service provider.

Cyber Ads physical servers are housed at multiple locations, this provides truly secure hosting.

With 2 groups of servers housed at South Africa’s Largest, Fastest and most secure Data Centre TERACO.

The same data centre where Google South Africa’s Servers are situated.

Storing our Hosting services at TERACO gives our hosting clients the unique advantage of increased speeds between google and your website.

Our last group of hosting servers are in house servers for internal data hosting.

Hosting in South Africa typically provides a fast experience for any customer in SA as well as all over the globe.

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