What is YouTube SEO?

Search engine optimization is the process of increasing both quality and quantity of website traffic. YouTube SEO involves optimizing your playlists, description, your channel and videos themselves.

How to optimize videos for YouTube search?

Rename your video file using target keyword:

You can use an SEO tool to identify keywords you would like to your videos to focus on. For example, if your video is named ‘’house painting tips’’ your video file name would be ‘’house-painting-tips’’.

Insert your keyword naturally in the video title:

When you search for videos the first thing your eyes catch is the title, which is what determines whether the viewer will watch you video, so your title should be understandable and clear.

Optimize you video description:

According to Google your video description has a limit of 1000 characters, you can use all of that space but remember that the viewer came here to watch a video, not read an essay. You can use the first 100 characters to put your important information. For optimizing the video, you can add a transcript for viewers who have to watch it no volume.

Categorize your video:

When you upload your video you can categorize your video in advanced settings, this is another way you can group your videos with other similar content on YouTube.