E-commerce: The future of shopping?

What is E-commerce?

E-commerce is the buying and selling of goods or services via the internet and the transfer of money for transactions to complete a sale. It is known as internet commerce or electronic commerce and it is available 24/7.

How can e-commerce be beneficial to the world today?


Purchases made are simpler, faster and it is done from home whereby consumers don't have to leave their houses and they can purchase items at any time of the whether it's in the day or night.

Global marketplace:

Customers from around the world can shop over the internet as companies are not restricted by physical or geographical barriers.

Flexibility for consumers:

Products and services are available 24/7 which allows consumers to purchase an item at any time of the day.

Content marketing strategy:

This allows you to put more information about the products you have and this gives consumers more information on the product they might want to purchase.

Meet customers where they want to buy:

This means that customers can complete purchases from an Instagram ad or mobile apps, so you should sell where your customers are, so if customers buy online then sell online.

What makes e-commerce relevant in today's world?

Saves time and money:

Time will be saved as consumers do not have to drive out to the store to make a purchase, as well as money, will be saved as there will be no petrol costs and sometimes free delivery is available for consumers.

Product reviews:

Consumers can see product reviews and decide whether they would buy a product or not without going anywhere to get more information.

How can ecommerce be beneficial to your business?

24/7 Potential income:

Online stores are always open therefore consumers can buy items at any time of the day or night. Think about the target audience who cannot make it to a normal store during the day or after work they can always go online and purchase from an online store.

Cost savings:

You don’t need a lot of employees and when you start your online business you don’t have to hire anyone as you can run it by yourself, only when you start to grow you can hire employees.

Grow your business organically with content:

You can make videos, and optimize you store with little to no cost and by doing this you can monitor customers with these ads.

Shoppers start online:

In today’s world a lot of people shop online, if they go to a physical store, they are most likely going to start searching online first and the chances of them buying online is higher than them going to a physical store.