5 Types of Ads on Google Adwords You Need to Know

Google, the giant company that it is, has most of its revenue coming from advertising. With this, different types of ads are offered on Google Adwords, so that the tool supports different business models and promotes them efficiently.

1. Search network with display view

The first type of ad is the most comprehensive. Through it, you create in the same campaign an ad to be displayed on search pages — the search network — and another for related subject sites — the display network.

Display ads on the search network tend to gain greater visibility for the business as they attack more fronts with a single budget. However, they are a little more difficult to control. This is because there is no way to analyze which channel was the most efficient for the success of the outlined objective.

2. Only on the search network

Advertising on the search network is interesting for businesses that work to meet the most immediate and objective needs of users. Therefore, service providers and e-commerce sites can benefit from this type of advertisement.

The search network allows short text ads and keyword targeting. Through this division, it is possible to delimit the website content, characteristics of the target audience and company location.

3. Only on display network

The display network is important to promote a company's image to the market, generate brand awareness. Advertising on the display network doesn't target users who necessarily need the product or service being offered at the time they see the ad, but rather present a brand that could be interesting at a future time.

4. Google Shopping

Google Shopping is a very important tool for online stores. The platform searches the internet for prices of similar products and displays to the user those that are more competitive.

To use Google Shopping, you must have an Adwords account and register with the Google Merchant Center, listing your products and submitting your information for promotion. Afterwards, a specific Adwords Shopping campaign is created.

5. Ad on Youtube

Finally, YouTube advertising has been a very popular way of promoting businesses lately, being a huge source of revenue for the site and its content producers.

In addition to common video ads that can be displayed across Google's display network, YouTube ads, also managed by Adwords