11 Digital Marketing Strategies for you to use on your company's social networks

Today, digital marketing presents itself as a fundamental solution for companies that want to achieve their goals with greater speed. Taking advantage of digital marketing strategies, your company can increase its visibility in the digital scene, the number of customers and, consequently, sales

1. Content Marketing

Currently, content marketing stands as a fundamental digital marketing strategy for a brand that seeks much more than selling its products and/or services. But also guide, educate and inform your customers, as well as attract others.

2. Paid ads (Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, etc)

Paid ads are digital marketing strategies that can accelerate the process of increasing the visibility of your brand, as well as your products/services, on the web.

The difference between paid advertising and content marketing is that this strategy uses content creation, publishing and promotion to organically attract potential customers.

3. Sweepstakes/campaigns

You can also invest in sweepstakes/marketing campaigns. It is a strategy widely used on social networks, by companies that want to highlight their products/services or simply their brand.

The campaigns/draws carried out encourage the user of a social network to adopt a pre-established behavior, which most often involves liking a post, as well as sharing it in its own profile.

4. Make use of lives

Nowadays, the use of lives has become practically a trend among companies that have profiles on digital social networks, such as those that we have already highlighted in the course of this content.

Lives can be understood as a digital marketing strategy. Since, they enable a company to better present its ideas, products and services, as well as to interact more closely with its target audience.

5. Invest in stories (Instagram)

The Instagram story tool allows the company to tell a little of its daily life in a creative and engaging way to its consumers. Thus, developing in the consumer a feeling of passion for the brand or for its story, depending on the story's interest, certainly.

6. YouTube

Advertising on YouTube is easy, just sign up for the channel and have an account on Google, which is an ad platform where you can monetize your channel.

You can insert video ads as well as image ads, which are those displayed at the bottom of the video.

7. Community Management

It is a type of strategy that creates a connection environment focusing on the interaction between the brand and its consumers. It's a way to approach and interact with new audiences.

8. Design

Whoever said that Design is not about content strategy on social media is wrong. Social media are extremely visual places, so investing in quality design for posts, based on your niche and for prospecting a particular potential customer, who can gain more followers, is of great importance today for brands.

9. SEO – Website Optimization for Google

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is today of great importance for the positioning of brands on Google and other search engines.

A good ranking on search pages is essential, since the internet is now a fertile field for the entry of potential customers, especially for those looking for products or services.

10. Use of video content

Video content generates about 95% reach, more than content types in other formats such as text. In times where getting attention on the networks is rarity, you should never miss the chance to use this feature to get followers and customers.

11. Other forms of interaction

When publishing some content on your social networks, generate motivation among your followers through calls, so that they feel impelled to interact with your posts.

In some social networks it is allowed to use hashtags to promote a product or service of your brand, so it is worth using this feature well, as hashtags gain prominence over time, helping your brand and being found by people.