5 reasons your business should have a website

Even with this constant current technological advancement, there are still entrepreneurs who do not see the advantages of having a website for their business.

There is a saying: “Your company only exists if it is on the internet”. Let's now understand a little more about the main advantages of having your business advertised on the internet.

Reason 1: Ease for the customer to find your company

Possibly you have already had any doubts about a product or service, or even to search for a business phone number, and to solve this doubt you did a search on the internet, this is when your company's website comes into play.

Reason 2: Lower cost when finding potential customers

Imagine that a website receives an average of 5 visits per day in a period of 30 days, at the end of that period, you will have established contact with 150 customers in a month without having to spend a large amount of money for the same amount of customers to visit your physical store. Having a website does not mean that your company cannot have a physical store, quite the contrary, the two things complement each other. It is very common today for a customer to research a company on the internet before establishing a closer contact.

Reason 3: Large scale sales increase

Let's think about it, with the growth of the internet, your company doesn't need and shouldn't be limited to just the local market. An example are the virtual stores, which in most cases, in addition to having physical stores, also have an entire virtual structure not to be limited to just the local public, thus being able to serve all over the country. In addition to a large increase in revenue, there is also a strengthening of the brand name on a large scale.

Reason 4: Integration with social networks

You might be wondering, I already have a Facebook page, do I need to have a website? Let's understand the following, social networks work as a shop window. Imagine yourself walking down a street and you end up liking a certain product in a shop window, when you become interested in the product, what do you do? Enter the store to get a closer look, that's where he gets in touch with your brand, whether it's being attended by a salesperson or seeing product details. On the internet, the process is the same, but the role of the showcase is the Social Network, and the role of the store is the website.

Reason 5: Measurement of data and results

On the internet, collecting data from potential buyers and people who visit your site is simple and much cheaper than in a physical store.