The 7 main types of marketing, explained and with visual examples for you

1. Digital Marketing

We started the list with this marketing that we love so much! Digital Marketing are the strategies carried out in the online environment, which include Content Marketing, Social Networks and Search

2. Offline Marketing

Offline Marketing (or Traditional Marketing) involves all actions outside the internet, such as newspaper advertisements, distribution of gifts and telemarketing

3. Outbound Marketing

Take a look at the examples we've cited in Offline Marketing. In all of them, the brand goes after the consumer with an ad, a conversation, or a call. That's what Outbound Marketing is: an active approach by companies to gain new customers.

4. Inbound Marketing

In contrast to Outbound, Inbound Marketing gains strength. Instead of invading people's routine, Inbound uses strategies to attract the consumer with content relevant to him and then convert him into a customer.

5. Content Marketing

One of them is Content Marketing, which consists of offering content that is relevant and valuable to the persona, in order to engage them throughout their purchase journey and generate a positive perception of the brand.

6. Performance Marketing

Numbers are the greatest allies of Performance Marketing. In this aspect of marketing, the planning, execution and evaluation of a campaign are based on data, in order to support decisions, optimize investments and generate better results.

7. Email Marketing

Email Marketing is an essential Digital Marketing tool. Sending content and offers by e-mail serves to get closer to the consumer, direct them to the website and guide them along their shopping journey.