What is e-commerce?

You may have asked yourself “What is e-commerce?”. E-commerce is the English abbreviation for electronic commerce, that is, every commercial transaction (buying and selling) made through the internet with the aid of an electronic device.

What is e-commerce – virtual store?

Virtual store, online store, e-commerce or e-commerce is nothing more than a website where you can sell products or services over the internet. The customer accesses the store through an electronic device (computer, notebook, smartphone, tablet, among others), anywhere and at any time of day, chooses the product, makes payment via credit card, bank payment slip or bank deposit and receives, within a specified period, the product at home.

How does e-commerce work?

To be successful, a virtual store needs to offer its customers the main features that guarantee pleasant browsing, a 100% safe purchase and the guarantee that they return to the store more often.

If your store already has a name, you need to have a registered domain, but first let's understand what a domain is. Domain is a name that serves to locate and identify your company on the internet, it is the basis of all your professional identification.

What is a hosting service?

After registering your domain, you will need to have a hosting service. The hosting service is where you store your e-commerce and make it available on the internet. Basically, it stores all the files that are necessary to visualize your virtual store, such as text files, images, videos or any other functionality that the store has. In other words, your virtual store can be accessed 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world.